Saturday, April 12, 2008

12 of 12!

Here is my 12 of 12 (
basically it's 12 photos shot on the 12th day of every month. So... Here are mine!!!!!

In lineup of tim hortons... Both anxious! hahah!

Please! Please let the cars move faster!

On our way to a dumpy barn... Very pretty :)

I have no idea what this was- or what was going on, but it's very visually appealing!

Some pretty apple trees in Rednersville :)

Adam wearing my skull gloves.. the nerve!

Good tip :) (wearing nail polish in "daddy's girl" for reference!)

Vince chillin' :) what a cutie he is!

Marzipan schweines from Germany! Too cute! (they are now part of my tummy!)

German nivea.. Why so special? It's compared to La Mer... have no idea what La mer is? Check this out:

Keep in mind, the german nivea is MUCH different than the NA version-which is made in mexico and sucks! (petroleum and other chemicals added!)

Courtney and Domo Kun! It got her good!

Mail that i must send! Always sending so many packages!