Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today I filed a complaint with the BBB

I am so disgusted today.. I thought I would share. So for a month now, I have been dealing with Camera Kingston, and the three times I have gone there are enough for me to never go back. Today was the last straw- I went to pick up my repaired camera, and to return the loaner camera... and the man right away was huffing and puffing and very agitated to help me. Well when he explained what the problem was with the camera, I went to ask him a question (just out of curiosity) and the employee FREAKED out at me... Not even because i was being rude- i just had a question (which is what customers usually have). He yelled at me from the staircase infront of all the customers, all because i had a question. He yelled "I can't handle this! This is ridiculous! Why the hell are you asking me questions!"
I am very sickened to have dealt with them, and I have a situation: what if i was a woman with no real knowledge of cameras, and had asked a question (just as i did) and got that reaction? Is that appropriate- Definitely NOT.