Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A little expansion on prices...

Lately I have had brides proposition me for doing their photos for $300 out of town, with no paid accomodations for emergencies, etc... And I just wanted to clarify a couple of things.

If I could do their photos for free- I would... out of my passion for photography, but realistically speaking, artists are usually starving- and I am not far off.

Gas is expensive, photo editing programs are expensive, the editing is very time consuming, not to mention every little fine detail put into each and every photo taken. Also, if I am shooting out of town- I need to know that I won't be stuck sleeping in my car if bad weather occurs, car breaks down, etc.

A lot of the money put into a package reflects not only talent, but gas, wear and tear on the vehicle, photo processing, reliability, insurance, discs, ink, paper, misc supplies, albums, etc.

For brides who deem it unecessary to spend money on their photography, I encourage you to read this link : taking into notice the first paragraph about "what is your budget?"
"Wedding photography is one of the few items that you will purchase that results in something tangible so that you can remember your special day."

My minimum package starts at $550, which is very reasonable considering many photographers whose prices start at $1000 and up to $5000.

A lot of brides I have spoken to completely regret their choice to hire a $200 photographer, as most of their pictures turned out to be 'chopped head' shots, and shots of the lovely green grass.

I am just posting this to elaborate on the importance of a wedding photographer, and why my prices are as such..

Take it as you will, but as I said above- I wish I was in a position to do it for free, but c'est la vie :)