Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kristy's Testimonial

I married the man of my dreams on September 6, 2008 and I am lucky enough to have over 1000 beautiful and unique photos that catch every emotion that was present that day.
Let me start off by saying that I have never considered myself to be “photogenic.” I would often run and hide in the presence of a camera. I expressed this fear many times to Naomi and every time she responded with, “you have such an easy face to shoot…. Beautiful people make beautiful photographs.” Naomi’s reassurance, open mind and amazing ability to capture the little moments are what are going to make me hire her again and recommend her to everyone.
I have seen a lot of wedding albums with stiff brides, stressed out groomsmen and crying flower girls. You will not find this in my album as Naomi took the time to sit down with me before the wedding to discuss what I really wanted from my photography experience. I had been to weddings where the photographer is so stressed out that it trickles down to the subjects of the photo and it reflects on the film. In my opinion those photographers were more worried about their own set of 32 poses in their repertoire than keeping the bridal party and bride focused and happy. What good are the 32 poses if everyone in the shots look like they are having the worst time of their lives? I have a few creatively crafted posed shots ** and an album of candid photos and the beautiful details that made our day so special. Naomi took the time to edit through the photos and to do some creative editing on her own and did not take offence when I asked for more and more and more.
** Now in regards to my posed shots. Naomi is an artist photographer (my words not hers). I did not hire her on her ability to mold and pose the wedding party. I had the discussion with Naomi about my sister-in-law who is something like and 9 time bridesmaid and knows the drill who LOVES to pose pictures. I was a bit afraid that we would be stepping on Naomi’s toes but again with her open mind and FLEXIBILITY she said,”… it’s your day, you can have whatever you want.” Again this is another example of how Naomi is working for the customer, not her own stale agenda.
In closing I would again like to thank Naomi, for answering my countless e-mails over my 9 month engagement, for assuring me that I wouldn’t look like a complete fool in my photos and for going above and beyond with the edits!