Monday, August 31, 2009

Ashley's Testimonial

"I looked all over the Belleville area for a photographer for my wedding in October of last year, and was really disappointed that I wasn't able to find a photographer with the type of unique style I was looking for, or else was met with really unprofessional attitudes. I was extremely fortunate to have found Nocturnelle Photography. Naomi brought a unique visual perspective and artistic influence to the table, and was also more than willing to be flexible and listen to what I wanted (and more importantly, what I didn't want!). I felt confident about what I was going to get after the wedding because she was so receptive with listening to my ideas and concerns as well as honest about what would work and what wouldnt. I wasn't disappointed in the least! Above all, she was most professional through out the process. If you're looking for photos as a momento that defy the typical 'cookie cutter' type, I would highly reccomend Naomi."